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Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Hair

Use these five tips from our trusted barbers and stylists and you’ll never look back, unless it's at a mirror!

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We all hate having a bad hair day, luckily I work in a barbers and have learnt a lot of useful tips I’d like to pass on to ensure your morning hair sculpting goes swiftly and delivers great results – in turn leaving more time for you to enjoy your morning or even shed a few minutes getting ready for that night out.

1) freshly washed hair is harder to style

Believe it or not hair when washed has less natural oils and therefore is a lot lighter and fluffier. This means your hair wont hold as well when using heat such as a hairdryer and tends to not sculpt as well.

2) Right products for the right hair

Using hair products tailored to your hair type will save you time and help to give you a more polished finish whilst simultaneously using less product.

The model below has thick hair and uses Matte Clay as it has firm hold but the ability to restyle. Counter to that, a Matte Paste will solidify in place and help prevent flyaway hairs and so it is great for finer hair.

3) Hair tonics break down product buildup

Hair tonics breaks down build of hair products which unclogs hair follicles, which means its great as a back up if the style you’ve created isn’t working for you.

Moreover when massaged into the scalp tonic will increase blood flow which is said to promote hair growth and keep a healthy scalp. Tonics help hair retain moisture and therefore mean less frizz to deal with, making it not just a great tool for men, but more and more women are using hair tonics in their daily routine too!

4) Hairdryers are key

A hairdryer is one of the most effective tools in a stylists arsenal. It’s great for drying hair quickly, which is when you should be applying your hair products to get the best results.

It is also great for straighting, fighting the frizz and keeping your hair shiny paired with a round brush the volume you can create is out of this world.

5) C0-washing is king

Co-washing is when you use just conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo and conditioner, and it a great way of making sure that your hair will not be stripped of its natural healthy oils.

Perfect for dry bleached hair, co-washing helps hair to stay shiny and healthy, not to mention the extra hydration is amazing frizz control. However, you should avoid co-washing if your hair has products in it!