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These Hair Tips Will Change The Way You Style Your Hair Forever

Does your hair stay in place when styling and do you give up when your hairs not behaving? Fear not we’re here to help answer your questions.

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Take time to learn what hair type you’ve been bestowed

Not only will this help you style your hair with consistent results, but also allow you to buy products specifically tailored to your hair type, saving both money and time all whilst looking great!

Brad (above) has thick hair so he styles using Matte Hair Clay at the roots for a reworkable hold that lasts all day, and Beard Oil for a great smelling beard which is also soft and nourished.

Phil (above) has finer hair so he uses Dust Matte Hair Powder to increase fullness, Matte Hair Paste to set his hair for all day hold, and lastly Beard Oil as to softens his beard hair and skin.

What hair product is right for me?

Hair Tonics

Help style ALL hair types and are great when used in your everyday routine to increase your good hair days by making it easier to style your hair into position. They will also break down build up of excess product and help at the next stage when using Hair Clays and Waxes. It’s a great way to weigh down fly away hairs when creating more elaborate styles and partitions, just spray on the tips of any stray hair.

Dust Matte Hair Powder

Perfect for fine hair as it helps to achieve full and healthier looking hair, but also works well for thick hair too by adding a mattifying texture making your hair look less greasy.

Hair Pastes

Will dry into your hair and sets the style you’ve created, whereas Matte Hair Clay is more malleable and easier to restyle on the go. Therefore, Paste works well with finer hair and Clay is better for thick hair.

Hair Pomade/Pommade

Will coat the tips of your hair to weigh it down and give you that classic 1940’s shiny finish unlike a clay or paste which achieves the opposite. Pomade is designed for the roots and is great for voluminous styles like pompadours.

Beard Oils

Will help nourish and soften your hair whilst hydrating skin.

Top Tips

  1. Using any products on clean washed hair will be harder to style than if your hair contains more natural oils.
  2. Fine hair works better with Matte Hair Paste.
  3. Thicker hair works well with Matte Hair Clay.

In Summary

The best tip for using any styling product is knowing exactly how to use it and what works for you and your hair. This may sound obvious, but it’s true! You can always ask your local barber if you’re unsure of your hair type, or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.